Current ICANN Compliance Audit Notes

ICANN has contracted KMPG to run a compliance audit where all of the registrars will be audited over a term of three years. The first 1/3 of registrars have received their questions on November 27th, 2012 and will have to respond by December 17th, 2012.

As one of our clients is part of the current audit, here are a few notes/observations regarding the audit from our end:

  • It appears the list of domains may also contain domains that are/were not under your accreditation.
  • Even though the audit email itself does not reference the deadline to respond (it’s mentioned in a pre-notification email), it should be December 17th, 2012 for any of the registrars included in the current round.
  • Other than that the audit just pertains to a history of a list of names and verifies some of the ICANN accreditation requirements along with contact data.
  • One section of the audit is related to resellers – an upload of the current reseller agreement is requested.

If you need any help with your audit, contact your current solution provider or contact DomainCocoon.