Newly Accredited Registrars Should Join the Registrar Constituency

If you are a newly ICANN accredited registrar and also new to all of the ICANN processes, the options for participating may seem endless and yet the amount of influence you have may seem hopeless.

One group that you should consider joining is the Registrar’s Constituency in order to make sure your voice is heard at ICANN. The annual fee currently is set at a low $500 and being part of this group will also help you identify the issues that are important to you as a registrar, even if you may be a registrar just managing a single large domain portfolio.

As the constituency’s chairman, Mason Cole, says on their site:

If you’re a newly-accredited registrar, or even if you’ve been a registrar for some time but are not a constituency member, I encourage you to read more about our work and consider joining. By becoming a member of the Registrar Constituency, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your registrar peers, participate in the ICANN process, and vote on issues important to the registrar community.