ICANN & ccTLD Accreditation Consulting

Is an ICANN accreditation or ccTLD the next step for your business? Our team of experts can not only help you to evaluate if it makes sense for your company to obtain an ICANN accreditation, we can also help you to become an registrar by handling the accreditation process for you. DomainCocoon will connect you to the registries of your choice by helping you pass the technical certification required by many registries.

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New Top Level Domains Consulting

Wondering if the new TLDs are relevant to your business? Do you need to apply for one or are you looking for a technical solution to run your new TLD. The consultants at DomainCocoon are ready to provide you with all of the latest information needed to make your grand entry into the new TLD world.

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Custom Registrar Solutions

Having trouble deciding on the best solution for your accredited registrar? We can help you chose or even design a customized solution that fits your every need, no matter if you are a single person managing your own portfolio or if you also manage your client’s names.

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Domain Consolidation

If you have been buying domain names in auctions and from other owners, the names are most likely registered at many different registrars. Some of them might still be restricted from transfers while others might be ready to be moved to your registrar of choice. With our Domain Consolidation services we can help you move those domains swiftly to your registrar of choice. This offering includes extensive monitoring of your domain name inventory in order to assure that none of your assets are lost.

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Domain Management

We can help you to keep your assets safe and sound. In addition to the above mentioned Domain Consolidation services, we can also help you manage all of your domain name assets. This service includes bulk changes to your domain portfolio, management of whois contact information, inquiries, sales, purchases and any other management task you can think of.

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Last modified: November 17, 2016 / Created: Monday, June 18th, 2007